5 Tips To Keep in Mind When Buying a Mattress

Feeling lost about how to go about shopping for a new mattress? These tips can help you figure out what’s important during the process.

  1. Know What Size and Type You Want

Mattresses come in different sizes: twin, double, queen and king. A good place to start is deciding which size best fits your needs and the intended room. You may want a king initially but your bedroom may not be big enough to accommodate a king mattress, so a queen or double may be a better choice.


You should also consider if you want a mattress to address a specific need, such as lower back pain or arthritis.


  1. Soft or Firm?

Next, do you want a softer or firmer mattress? Some people like the comfortable feeling of a soft mattress. Other people, especially those who suffer from back pain, prefer a firmer mattress that provides better support.


To help you decide which type of mattress you prefer, try a variety of mattresses that vary in firmness or an air-chamber bed that can be adjusted.


  1. Prices Vary

Good mattresses aren’t cheap. You can expect to spend at least $500 for a good mattress but you can also spend several times that. Consult your budget to see how much you can afford to spend. It may be worth it to stretch your budget a bit to get a higher quality mattress that will last for 10 or 15 years. Your cost per year may actually be lower with a more expensive mattress that lasts longer.


  1. What about a Box Spring?

Some mattresses are designed to be used with a box spring mattress. You may get a deal if you buy the mattress and box spring together, and a mattress may wear better with the box spring it was engineered to work with. If your box spring is still in good shape, you may be able to use it and just purchase a new mattress.


  1. Specialty Store or General Retailer?

Now that you have everything worked out, where should you buy a new mattress? A specialty store may have a better selection and more knowledgeable sales staff. A big box retailer may have fewer options, less expertise but better prices. You may also want to consider buying online. Or use a combination of all three to find the shopping experience that works best for you.