Finding the Best Bed for the Best Night’s Sleep

They say you can’t put lipstick on a pig. Well, you can’t put really great linens on a bed and turn the mattress into the bed of your dreams. A mattress topper can only take you so far.

If you’re putting lipstick on pig, it just might be time for a new mattress. The first step to finding the best mattress for you is taking a good look at what’s available.


It’s All About Inner Beauty

A mattress isn’t just a mattress anymore. There isn’t just one type of mattress and there are variations on that basic construction. Now there are hundreds and hundreds of options that utilize different types of materials.


Memory foam is a popular choice in mattresses because the foam slowly springs back, matches pressure and is temperature-sensitive. As your body warms memory foam, it softens and molds to your shape to provide comfort and consistent support. Memory foam also isolates motion so a partner’s tossing and turning won’t affect you but the foam can retain heat.


Innerspring mattresses have long been a standard in the industry. A system of coils inside a padded shell creates a solid foundation to support your body. The coils can be bouncy, though, which causes a partner’s motion to transfer to you.


Latex mattresses can be made artificially or naturally from rubber trees. A dense, soft material, latex offers a cooler night’s sleep than memory foam while still providing a sleeping surface that is firm and springy.


Air mattresses aren’t the blow up beds you sleep on when camping. Air mattresses look like a standard innerspring mattress from the outside but the interior is packed with adjustable air chambers. A remote controls the air pressure in each side of the bed independently, which is a great option for couples that have different preferences for a soft or firm mattress.


It’s About Some Other Things Too

Don’t just stop at the major components, look at the smaller details too. They may not seem important but they play big roles in your comfort too.


As you test mattresses, pay attention to edge assistance. A mattress with a weak or inadequate edge will make you feel like you are going to roll off the bed.


Keep in mind that some materials — such as memory foam — may trap heat and not breathe as well as others. Ideally, you want a surface that has thermoneutrality, meaning that it isn’t too cold or too hot.


Try laying on the bed with your partner and see how each other’s motion affects the other person. If motion transfer is a concern, you may want a mattress that has a high level of motion isolation.


And, most importantly, keep looking until you find the best mattress for you.